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Wireless Construction Management
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Wireless Construction Management

Our core team of telecommunications construction managers has under gone comprehensive training and each passes a relevant educational background based on the nature of the project.

NSS wireless construction managers are involved from the inception of a project to the direct day-to-day management as well as working out any issues that may arise from landlord sensitivities to A&E deliverables. This management style allows us to trouble shoot prior to construction ensuring a seamless turnkey experience and guarantees our client’s deadlines will be met.

Telecommunication Construction Management Services

  • Design Walk w/ Site Acq. , RF & A&E
  • Overall Site Assessment and construction scope feasibility
  • A&E & Deliverable Management and Coordination
  • Overall Deliverable Quality Control
  • Material Procurement
  • Budgeting
  • BOM’s/COP’s
  • Construction Inspections
  • Crew Management
  • Site Inspection/Post Integration and Troubleshooting

Client Benefits

  • Collectively our Wireless Construction Manager’s have over 30yrs of experience and are SITA certified.  They have extensive installation and climbing experience. 
  • This provides each client with a highly specialized, skilled and diverse wireless construction team.
  • NSS prides itself in ensuring that our Wireless Construction Manager’s are safety conscious and as such are continuously going through additional safety programs and trainings.
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