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Wireless Site Construction
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Site Construction through Post Integration

We believe that our Construction Managers involvement from the inception of a project allows us to provide our clients with a seamless, faster build time and also affords us the opportunity to competitively price our services. The direct day-to-day management with the Project Manager and involvement on all levels from issues with leasing to A&E management allows us to proactively troubleshoot before we get to the site.

NSS specializes in communication tower construction, antenna installation, structural upgrades, rooftop structures, equipment shelters and complete TURNKEY site solutions. We have crews on our staff that are dedicated specifically to services needed outside of a project so we can tailor a crew to our client’s specific need. We offer full service 24/7 maintenance and emergency services in case of storms, power outages and any other needs that may arise.

Owner operated since 1981, NSS employs dedicated project managers, foreman, site supervisors, in-house safety managers and certified & trained field crews. Backed by a dedicated and diligent back office, we offer the highest quality service and client satisfaction in the industry.

Our Construction staff has undergone comprehensive training and everyone has a relevant educational background. Our core team of Construction Managers collectively have over 30 years of experience. NSS has several full construction crews with extensive installation and climbing experience. We pride ourselves in maintaining a safety program that our staff continually undergoes additional training for. All this expertise provides our clients with a highly skilled and diverse construction team. 

Tower Erection

Whether you’re installing a Rooftop Structure, a Guyed, Monopole or Self-Supporting Tower, or another other tower structure, our staff of licensed and trained professionals performs every installation to customer and manufacture specifications. Our crew members are trained and certified in design drawing evaluation, site preparation, and field assembly. Equipped with the latest tools and equipment we ensure the installation is done accurately and efficiently.

Rooftop Structures

Rooftop mounted antenna installations are generally found in densely populated areas and can serve as an economical alternative to creating a dedicated structure in an impractical location. Northeast Site Solutions uses the latest innovations in rooftop tower designs insuring minimal intrusion to the host building while maximum performance from the installation.

Stealth Concealment

With today’s “green” mindset, more and more industries are moving towards echo-friendly and nature based, esthetically designed construction. Northeast Site Solutions supplies and installs standard and custom concealment products as well as unique integrations to solve any challenging installation scenario.


Lightweight aluminum keeps your equipment safe from the elements, heavier weight aluminum adds a deeper layer of protection from higher winds and more severe weather. Steel shelters and Explosion proof aluminum shelters can be equipped with interior air-lock rooms containing purge systems which prevent unwanted or harmful vapors from entering the main equipment room.
Northeast Site Solutions can custom design and build any type shelter in a wide range of sizes, configuration and color for almost any application. In addition, we can integrate the customer owned equipment into this product, creating a complete turnkey solution.

Structural Modifications & Reinforcement

Northeast Site Solutions provides Structural Modification and Reinforcement services designed to restore or fortify areas of weathered or damaged telecom structures. NSS also performs a full-climb condition assessment prior to designing or recommending any modification or reinforcement. This level of due-diligence ensures a proper design and implementation.

NSS also provides Structural Analysis per: The Structural Standard for Antenna Supporting Structures and Antennas (TIA-222-G) which requires a structural analysis to be performed when a tower experiences one or more of the following changes:

  • Change in appurtenance configuration (includes installation of DTV, FM, or wireless communication antennas)
  • Structural modification
  • Change in serviceability requirements
  • Change in the structure classification to a higher class.

NSS provides a wide array of Structural Modification & Reinforcement services including:

  • Guy wire replacement and initial tension adjustment
  • Vertical pipe leg grouting & reinforcing
  • Diagonal and horizontal bracing replacement
  • Mid-bay redundant bracing installation
  • Emergency guy anchor replacement for corroded anchor arms
  • Repair of damaged connection gussets
  • Replacement of deficient connection bolts with new high strength bolts
  • Installation and replacement of torque arms to reduce twist and sway deflections
  • Installation of temporary frames to brace damaged tower sections
  • Stiffener weldments for monopole base plates
  • Modifications to foundations at tower base and guy anchors
  • Installation of new sections to extend tower height
  • Fabrication of mounting frames for the installation of Digital Television (DTV) antennas

Sweep Testing

Sweep testing is a method used to test and verify the characteristics of a cable or device across a range of frequencies. Sweep testing is also a way of verifying system integration and performance of the antennas. By interpreting test sweep test results, we can quickly determine if the installation meets the desired performance specifications
Each tower crew is supplied with Anritsu site master test gear to make accurate and precise measurements in return loss/VSWR and distant-to-fault measurements. Our crews also perform other inspections to detect problems before they manifest into costly repairs and/or outages.

Pullout Strength Testing

Pullout Strength Testing methods are generally used to determination of the pullout strength of anchors or other mounting inserts embedded into hardened bases such as concrete, metal or rock. Measurements are taken to confirm the force required to pullout an embedded anchor or insert and the attached base fragment test specimen or structure.
Northeast Site Solutions has a full array of hydraulic testing equipment used to perform various Pullout Strength Testing procedures adhering to ATSM Standards or as specified by the assigned Engineer.

Tower Mapping

Knowing what you have is half the battle! Northeast Site Solutions crews are certified and experienced in tower climbing and mapping and provide detailed Tower & Antenna Mapping Reports. Keeping track of your Tower & Antenna inventory can be a daunting process. Some items included in our field surveys and reports include:

  • Structure Condition
  • Finish
  • Lighting
  • Grounding
  • Antennas, Feed Lines, and Mounts
  • Other Supported Appurtenances
  • Insulators
  • Concrete Foundations
  • Guy Wires
  • Guy Anchors
  • Tower Alignment
  • Antenna Inventory
  • Other Appurtenances
  • Feed Line Inventory
  • Configuration of Each Section
  • Structural Member Sizes
  • Base Type
  • Guy Anchor Locations
  • Guy Wire Information
  • Connection Details

Site Construction - Through On-Air Capability

Our Construction staff regularly undergoes comprehensive training and has all relevant educational backgrounds. Our core team of Construction Managers have many years of experience. NSS has full construction crews with extensive installation and climbing experience providing our clients with a highly skilled and diverse construction team. We pride ourselves in our safety program and our staff is continually undergoing safety training.

Antenna & Line Installation

  • Fiber 
  • Civil
  • Electrical
  • Sweeps & Rets
  • Close Out Package

Post Integration Services

NSS has crews on our staff that are dedicated specifically to services needed outside of a project that can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

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