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Wireless Site Acquisition
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Site Acquisition

Site acquisition services are crucial to the success of a cellular project and as such are an integral part of NSS’s business. We have a team of professionals on staff in every market. We acknowledge how important overall strategy is to identify the ideal location for in building coverage and optimizing our client’s network or implementing an alternative energy solution.

Being able to utilize multiple major telecom/cable providers, who each have their own set of security and integrity standards, allows us to provide an independent albeit informed approach to options and solutions that best fit the specific needs of a particular project. Selecting the right site for erecting a telecom tower or an offsite base station requires specialized experience and skills. Skills the NSS can deliver.

Site Acquisition Services: 

  • Site Identification and Assessment (determining viable Lessors in search ring area, SCIP packages, sites assessments etc.)
  • File & Site Audits
  • Lease Negotiations/ Renewals, Extensions, Rent Reductions etc.
  • Preparation of Lease Amendments, Notices, Consents & Easements
  • Zoning Assessment and Management
  • Permit coordination/acquisition (building & electrical)
  • Environmental and Regulatory compliance
  • Database  & Documentation Management

Client Services

  • Our team industry experts have worked with every major carrier in all aspects of site acquisition.
  • Our representatives have established relationships with each of the carriers and have a detailed comprehensive understanding of their networks.
  • NSS has leased zoned and permitted sites nationwide. From raw land development to optimization, upgrades and redesign on a national level.
  • We have formed strategic alliances with several alternative energy providers nationally.

Zoning & Permitting

NSS specializes in Zoning and Permitting of every type of cell site installation (towers, rooftops, water tanks, flagpole, stealth sites, steeples, smokestacks etc.).  Each of our Project Managers and Site Acquisition Specialists has extensive experience and a broad knowledge base of the zoning and permitting requirements in each State.  We also have a wide array of local professionals in our arsenal to bring to zoning hearings when warranted (RF Engineers, Environmental Scientists, Architects and Engineers etc...)  When warranted, NSS works with one of the leading telecommunication law firms in the Northeast which has proven to expedite the Zoning of the site.

Zoning of cell sites whether existing or new, may include one or more public hearings, and in some cases abutters notice to neighboring property owners. Our staff of professionals work in conjunction with the jurisdictions to mitigate these requirements on a case by case basis ultimately saving our clients precious time and money. Therefore, allowing them to stay within budget and within their launch or on-air schedules.

It is the collective goal of NSS to ensure that all sites are zoned and permitted properly prior to construction while mitigating the need for any unnecessary requirements by meeting with the zoning and permitting officials to explain the installation prior to filing any documentation with the local jurisdiction.

RF Engineering

NSS' RF Engineers take on many different roles, such as design, and maintenance. They specialize in designing and maintaining high power broadcast transmitters, and associated systems including maintaining and monitoring transmitter site emergency power, remote control, main transmission line and antenna adjustments, microwave radio relay STL/TSL links and more.
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